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067 1874 Split Window Round (Special Edition)

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Of special merit is this beautiful split window round possibly by Thomas Yates circa 1870s. This sold for over 500 dollars on eBay on 12-9-16. Indeed three bidders were at 500 dollars. The high starting price no doubt cut out all the average income collectors. Prices continue to escalate in what was an obscure hobby.

In a departure from our usual efforts, we are posting a SPOTLIGHT without having the whistle in the reference collection for examination and confirmation. Because of this we will attribute the whistle as ‘possibly’ Yates.

Yates brass rounds typically have brass fipples, however this one has an ebony fipple.  Note as you view the pictures that the shoulders are the same. The neck too is typical of a Yates. Even the window sits right on the bottom rim that is run around the whistle just below the window, another hallmark of Yates rounds

The time period is the same. It would be more accurate to measure the whistle both for diameter and length.

We are grateful to Wendy for contributing these pictures for everyone to examine. Split window whistles are rare. Round ones are no exception. Two rounds possibly Linegar or Auld ( not pictured ) that had much more ornamental windows, were sold also on eBay,  to the one who also bought this one.

The first view reveals the split window and the second for comparison is a Yates round from the reference collection. —- It is inscribed 1874 J. Duffie. Possibly indicating the year of manufacturer, although it could have inscribed much later.


The next series of pictures are for comparison only. Conclusions ??

Hard to say. Many points compare well. However….

Note the fipple connects well below the lower rim, whereas the Yates butts up close. All of our Yates also are close to the rims. Our Yates also are somewhat tapered at the mouthpiece slightly. This one is straight like Auld whistles are.



Ring cut into knop
Tapered mouthpiece



Ebony fipple
Straight mouthpiece
Fipple connects low
Split window


To truly identify a whistle, when not stamped or without certain idiosyncrasies, is quite difficult. Making comparisons sometimes is the only way to track them down, but of course scarcity makes this harder to physically do so. As the select few continue to muscle out the common collector and student of whistles by manipulating prices so that they are out of range, we may have to think outside the box in presenting such fine and interesting whistles.

Once again many thanks to Wendy for giving permission to share her pictures and this rare whistle !!



Posted December 10, 2016

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