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072 Mauser Bullet Whistles

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On page 73 of More Whistles ( Gilchrist ) brief mention is made of a round whistle – Mauser bullet pattern, ‘Policia De La Capitol’ on reverse, 1900s rare. It falls under J. Hudson & Co.

Some simple historical research reveals two patterns that are circa 1900 Mauser designs. The first is the M/88 which is dated 1888 with a rounded top and the second is the Patrone  cartridge. The pointed top S bore is dated 1905 and both were used in this whistle design. Other unusual variations have been recorded including a squared off, ringed model pictured below. Type A is designated with a  rounded top and Type B with a pointed top.

Mauser 01 Mauser 02

Here is an attempt to expand outside the UK known manufacturing in these models of round whistles. As we find more models and examples we can add to this for a world data base. Any corrections can also be edited in.

Mauser 03

An early Martin Signal catalog dated (?) shows the original design ( Patrone M/88 ) as model No. 159 Patronenpfeife, circa 1900, so the rounded bore would be the earliest dated design and the pointed bore to follow et al.

The market in the Argentina Police forces brought them Hudson ( UK ) and German whistles . Apparently production of this whistle began to be manufactured in Argentina also, as we find whistles stamped Industria Argentina and the models vary in construction there in.

Mauser 04 Mauser 05Mauser 06

A bench mark established by Hudson of the UK was the patent 553 of 1909. It was of the three interlocking teeth on the underside of the mouthpiece ( fipple ) and is seen on whistles stamped Made in England below.

Mauser 07

We see thus that variations exist in:

  1. construction
  2. sizes
  3. countries of manufacturing

The materials seem to be consistently nickel plated brass without exception.

Mauser 08

From here we see the variations of possibly more than one company manufacturing in Argentina.

Mauser 09 Mauser 10

Note the fipples.

Mauser 11 Mauser 12 Mauser 13 Mauser 14

The bullet ends especially vary in models as well as lengths.

Mauser 15

Models varied in widths between companies and even model lengths by Hudson.

Mauser 16 Mauser 17

What conclusions can be made so far ??

Carlos Rassetti was an exporter from France and did export other whistles to Argentina from France. ( notably the police face whistle ) Perhaps there are production Mauser whistles that made their way through France also ( however they may have been made in Germany also ). There is also the possibility of German manufactured whistles being sold directly in Argentina. Indeed model 159 is shown in a German catalog ( Signal ) circa 1900 which is very close to the last whistle seen in the opening group picture. For now this creates a platform to do further research. Additional finds will be added as addendums.



Posted May 05, 2017

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