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073 Hudson GSW Field (Special Edition)

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In SPOTLIGHT 73 we once again depart from our usual format highlighting a whistle from the reference collection. Instead, this SPOTLIGHT is based on pictures sent in.  Recently it sold on auction at a relatively high cost and we were not able to obtain it. However we were able to obtain photos and permission from Linda to show you a remarkable and up till now unseen whistle. It was posted on a Facebook page earlier Linda tells us, but was removed for some reason. Here we shall endeavor to share what we can with you.

It appears to be very early 1880s. The stamp is Field Lehman St. 59 London which is the recorded address for 1879 to 1882.

Without being able to see the inside construction, it makes it difficult to assign to a particular maker, but it appears to possibly be Hudson. If that is so, it would possibly be at 17 St Mark Street in St Mark’s Cottages that this was made. Rarely do we see whistles from this time era and location by this maker.

The most striking detail is the longer mouthpiece design. However there are other details of note.

Features include:

  1.  Hollow knop top
  2. Short body
  3. Square windows
  4. Cast long mouthpiece
  5. Matching mouthpiece to top
  6. Body seam

The hollow knop top matches one made by Hudson on their cycling beaufort. It has a shorter body than typically seen. The windows are typical. Was the mouthpiece designed to match the top ?? It does balance the whistle well. Lastly the body seam is off center and atypical for Hudson.

Hudson GSW 01

So let’s look closer at those features. A comparison to a hollow knop beaufort as follows… however the top on the GSW is more towards a top on a round whistle.

Hudson GSW 02 Hudson GSW 03

Next is the dramatic mouthpiece.

Hudson GSW 04 Hudson GSW 05

Here one can see the body seam off center.

Hudson GSW 06 Hudson GSW 07

And a clear view of the address.

Hudson GSW 08

Lastly the end view of the mouthpiece revealing the cast marks.

Hudson GSW 09


(eBay #: 122483104132)


Posted May 15, 2017

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