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078 1885 Hudson Dual Tube (Special Edition)

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From Hudson’s earliest year 1885 at 131 Barr Street emerges this very rare dual tube. The construction is in the class of heavy walled doubles, but almost makes it into the thin-wall two tube class.  Closer in length to a Ward or Barrall, it is slightly larger than a DeCourcy. Indeed only four makers produced dual tubes of heavy walled construction. Each had several models, but it seems that Hudson made only one model and rarely at that. Monotypical.

hudson dual 001

There are some interesting features that set it apart from the others in its class. This would include:

  1. The weight
  2. The mouthpiece
  3. The discs
  4. The windows

Hudson used a single knop as did two others, apparently only Barrall using double knops.

hudson dual 002

The mouthpiece really sets it apart from the other three manufacturers. It is still cast, but a much larger throat, with the toothgrip going the full circumference instead of top and bottom. Additionally it is a wire that is soldered on. Hudson would use this method also on the plural whistle ( and others ? ) that they would make following the design of the Bent and Parker plural ( see SPOTLIGHT number four )  It is noteworthy to see how close the windows are to the mouthpiece.

hudson dual 003 hudson dual 004

Compare it to a DeCourcy as follows side by side, the DeCourcy on the left.

Clearly seen are the window heights. They are slightly higher arching than others.

hudson dual 005

The internal discs are stamped for the Hudson Patent #435 developed in 1885 due to the loose ones that occurred prior, these were proving troublesome and needed replacements. In the process, this helps date the whistle to 1885.

hudson dual 007

Now compare the Hudson to a Ward dual tube heavy walled whistle.


This whistle was originally in the Gilchrist collection and thereafter the Guttridge collection. Special thanks to James Guttridge for allowing us to obtain it for this SPOTIGHT and for us all.


Posted October 5, 2017



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