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081 Frary Knife Whistle (A List)

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For the A list is the patent, manufacturer and whistle, James Darius Frary patented USA whistle.

Gathered from the internet forums is quite a bit of information for a business that lasted but a few years.

Although in the cutlery arena for many years, Frary and Son located in Bridgeport Connecticut, only lasted from 1881 to 1884. His whistle patent is dated April 27, 1880 just prior to starting his business.

Frary, born in 1833, had been in the cutlery business since 1861. He died in 1890. The knife measures out at 13.5 CM open and 9 CM closed.

The whistle itself is just 2 CM long and rather poor in sound.

It is cast and sets precariously on the base end.

Frary Knife 01
Frary Knife 02

Frary Knife 03
Frary Knife 04
Frary Knife 05
Frary Knife 06



There is one version that was seen with two blades many years ago, but has not been seen since. We felt it important enough to include the following photo for all to see.



Frary Knife 07
Photo retrieved from TWG archives.
TWG wishes to provide copyright credit for the following photograph. Please contact us if you have copyrights or own this whistle.


Posted December 15, 2017

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