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An Unnamed Collection 2

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Undoubtedly the best collection in the world takes room !! And till the best way to set up a museum quality room ( or rooms ) is designed,  one has to improvise. OR if you have limited room, here we have several good ideas to apply to our circumstances.

The glass shelved display can be found new or antique as this one. Nice shelving allows for setting whistles on, especially if they do not have rings all the time like button whistles some times were made !! I have seen several times when they are flipped over like this upside down with the wheels on top,  so as not to roll around, then again you might want to roll it over to your chair right side up. However you will want access it,  right now it is eye level. Dusting can be a factor to remember and a glass door saves a lot of trouble here.

Another approach is a medicine cabinet or similar cabinet like dental or whatever. The advantage here, this time, is using those thick shelves — allowing hooks to be set. This really doubles your display space and access. Believe me you will be taking those whistles in and out many times. The depth is optional too, which may help for keeping variations together. We eventually double rowed ours with two different depths to the hooks.

Also utilized in this collection, cigar boxes work well for organizing groups — if not too manyboxes ?? Perhaps stacking them like shelves ??

When tagging,  if you do, they can easily be hiddden behind the whistles laying in there. That is sometimes frustrating with those tags, when you have them hanging isn't it ??

Lastly, there are those super looking printer drawers and similar sectioned drawers that many collectors use. You can rearrange them over and over as your collection ebbs and flows. Usually nicely aged dark wood gives that extra antique feel. Can be a little difficult finding the right space for the right whistle though. Also many times can't group the same type whistles together because of different sized spaces.



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