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The Dunk Collection

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Really crowded !!! But why not ??? There is no law about spreading out. And if you have little room because of other interests —- why now ??

In this display, there are a lot of hooks, so plan ahead. You won't want to remove those whistles later and add more hooks, if this is the direction you want to go !!!

The cabinet looks to be an antique shelving unit that may take a little effort to find. That can be an interesting hunt !! However, not much beats the well worn deep antique look to the older shelves, unless you are good at antiquing the wood look yourself or know a friend.

Here is a floor display, but also can be set on a table, desk or screwed to the wall. Why not try on a book shelf even ??

This again is a world class collection and from the UK. It's main focus is on railway whistles and took many, many years to build. Many are crowded into this one case. So there you have it. You don't have to outgrow your collection.





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