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The Guttridge Collection

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Here's a really great example of maximizing the classic printing drawer. Even notching to fit whistles in helps it to look more full.

Of course one can stain the drawer first to make it look antique, but why bother on this one ?? The age of the wood and the use beforehand tends to make it on the darker side anyway. So perhaps look for a really old one, or two, or three…

Can't tell whether it can go on the wall without whistles falling out ?? Perhaps tilting it back at a very slight angle would make that possible ??

No tags either, so you have to be like my friend once said about her plants. " I don't know all their names,  but I know each of their faces " !!!! So that must be enough here. One can still keep records separately anyway.

Note all the hand crafted whistles from The Whistle Gallery SPOTLIGHT interspersed ?? Kind of adds to the over all feel doesn't it ?? And it holds a LOT of whistles !!! Great job.



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