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The Kipping Collection

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Here's an interesting traveling collection from a premier collector. As you look through this traveling tray used to display whistles at different venues as in a whistle convention in the UK, you see a variety of very rare hand picked whistles. The tank, an escargot-beaufort combo, side by side 6 piece by Auld and on….

Glass topped, one wonders if they go back into their regular home when actually back at home or do they reside in this glass case in perpetuity ??

No matter, the glass case is a great option and a world class collection really highlights another way to display a limited collection. One can always get more cases if the collection grows, or stay eclectic and continue to 'upgrade' every time a new whistle is found that is more worthy. Now the question is which one do I pull out ???? HELP !! – No wait I see an open spot still….


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