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Just when you thought that there weren't that many whistles to collect and learn about, so too with displays !!!! Here are several delightful ways to look at and still use your whistles for research and comparison.

The custom cabinet is heavy AND free standing !!! Nicely built and well thought out for the hooks. The spacing of the hooks allows for GSWs and escargots . It gives the look of an older medicine cabinet. I really like the thick shelves for the hooks. I made ours too thin and they slightly bowed. Not only that but unfortunately the screw ends slightly poked through the top part of the shelves. Of course that keeps them from rolling off too.

Love the antique rope display rack. Each rod is removable and you can easily get to a whistle, yet looks extra interesting hanging there with its buddies. All free standing too.

What are those two racks there ?? Dunno, but they look cool. Might be toy displays like matchboxes, samples, vials, whatever the case, here again is a really remarkable way of seeing, organizing and referencing your collection and yet create some excitement with all the variety of whistles.

Amazing display method is to set your drinks on the table and almost touch the whistle display. Set below the glass in a coffee table. Nice conversational pieces. Really displays well and although hard to get too for closer examination, perhaps such a display can be set up so you never need to ?? Really rounds out the whole collection and ambiance of the house right ??





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