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Another approach for the connoisseur and discerning collector is observed here. Try drawers in some form of drawer cabinet.

First find the drawer housing. Could be something such as a machinest oak tool cabinet. Perhaps an old wooden one with thos really cool brass corner overlays. Just strip the drawers and the outside for restaining. Then refurbish it by lineing it with felt. Now you have a way to organize what you want where, like tools. Maybe you will label the outside for reference or just memorize where they are. Oops, not too many case though !!!

Now you can set it out, set several side by side, stack them. However you need to be able to get back to those whistles at a toss, as you find one that you want to compare with another. How frustrating when you find you already have the one you just got !!!

Cabinets as this can really add richness to your collection but are a little more work to get too and reference like the cigar boxes in another collection. Makes it trickier to avoid duplicating — only you can decide !!!




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