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006 Whistle Notes 1997-1998

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In the winter of 1997 came the start of four volumes of a really remarkable undertaking in whistle literature and research.  Sad to say, it lasted just those four issues. A logical progression from Collecting Whistles ; Dundas ( a contributer ) in 1995 and followed in 1998 by Collecting Police Whistles and Similar Types by Golchrist and Topman ( UK ) each volume was loaded with fifteen pages of articles and pictures from The Call & Whistle Association.  Swelling to fifty members in a short time, it drew on collections and research from its membership for pictures and backgrounds and history.  It was spearheaded by Jim Fitch, and yet it must have been a real community effort. Jim actively collects to this day. In the meantime, he has graciously granted us permission to reprint at The Whistle Gallery all four copies for you to read and be able to reference.  If you have never seen these then you are in for a real treat!! So for this Spotlight we invite you to spend some time reading and rereading through the many topics in Whistle Notes ( includes whistles AND their kinfolk ). Our many thanks to Jim Fitch and all those who put their heart into their articles !!! Surely a loud drumbeat was made in the procession of whistle research as it marches on.



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  Posted February 10, 2013

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