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018 The “Noisy” (Special Edition)

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The ‘Noisy’ is an unusual 4 piece whistle made up of the knop, two sides ( round like coins design ) and one piece which is made from the barrel and mouthpiece overlay. So rather than the top of the mouthpiece being separately attached – it is a fold over. This appears at first glance to be a DeCourcy patented design. Perhaps it was adapted, but in a several ways it denies being his work . Let’s look closer…

First look at the sides and the attachment points of the mouthpiece …

  Note the picture on the top shows the fold over point and the bottom the actual attachment edge. This looks to be DeCourcy’s work. Yet, further investigation belies that notion. The knop is very smooth and does not look like any of his work previous knops.

However, what really sets you back is the top tooth grip which is something quite squared off on the upper and lower edges something Alfred was far away from — even early after he left Hudson’s. The engraved words The Noisy with quotation marks is uncharacteristic for him. In fact it is unusual for a UK whistle altogether and is more reminiscent of whistles from India from the 1940s. 

Now drop back to the first picture and you will see that the window is unusually large.

We have seen at least four of these escargots as of Jan 2017. This means it was a production whistle. However as rarely as it has been seen, it would also mean it was small in productrion, making it quite collectible for the whistle student and because it has some unique features one to look for in other unassosciated models. TWG


Posted July 24, 2013

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