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019 – Hudson GSW – Rounds

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On page 45 of More Whistles by Martin Gilchrist one sees The Acme Registered round whistle. Interestingly enough, it is not listed in the 1935 catalog by Hudson at all. However there are two models shown in their 1910 catalog and from there a couple model numbers can be found. There was quite a bit of variation in these two models, i.e. model 046 and model 047 spanning decades. Here we will attempt to unravel them. To help in describing them we’ll call them ACME ROUNDS. First, an overall picture of the earliest ones from the Reference Collection and some notes about more recent ones not pictured. ( as of this revision we have found 8 models and will update this article again when the others have been obtained ) Here is a group of five…

We see right away the two sizes. Also the tops changed over time — along with internal parts, mostly surrounding the patent 435 diaphragm and then on from there. Let’s start through them. First up is model 046 with Hudson’s ‘hollow knop’ top.It is small at 64mm. It was registered The Acme in 1886 and also has patent on it that applies to the 435 diaphragm ( 1885 ). What that means is that instead of a bulky fipple of some sort as in round whistles per se, it has a flat disc like a GSW. The problem in dissecting these is that they are shaped like general service whistles ( GSW ) but they have only one window, so are classified as round whistles. This would date this one circa 1886 or later due to the registration date. Model 046.

Now let’s move on to a transitional time period with the James Hudson period from 1882 to 1889 who unfortunately died early on.  The shape of this whistle mouthpiece is characteristic of his work. This is the actual whistle on page 45 and would date 1886 to 1889. This gives us an added bench mark. Length 78mm which is larger and typical of this second model 047.

If you flip the page to p.46 you see more of this class of whistles. The round knop top is next and is dated c. 1885 to 1899 – all having to do with those discs inside and their respective patents. If you look inside the window then you can see the word patent stamped on this one. It is also model 46 the shorter one.

In time we move to the one piece cast loop with once again patent stamped on the front and also on the disc inside the window. All of these models have rolled mouthpieces. Model 047 and we would date this one 1890 to 1900.

The next step being a two piece top bringing us to 1908 when this was seen for the first time at their new address, 244 Barr street. From there the quality descends to less and less quality made whistles, but none the less continues in a further series.

On page 46 of More Whistles by Martyn Gilchrist is a picture of a pillar top and solid rounded cap, a pattern tag of #45. The pillar top would date from 1910 to 1920s.

Then a cheaper pillar ‘stepped top’ on page 45 dating from 1920s to 1930s. Although these are cheaper whistles to manufacture, they are indeed variations to collect and study for comparisons and completeness of the series.

Using More Whistles really comes in handy doesn’t it ?? You can use it for searching, history, research, models – even to fill in your panoramic view of the scope of so many changes over many years.

 Lastly, we show a steel and brass issue with rounded top, typical of the 1930s and onward.


Really, it is a delightful series of at least 8 different whistles. We have combined two models ( i.e.round and general service ) for simplicity of a confusing overlap in definitions of categories, so you can see that these GSW/ ROUNDS  are a fun category to dissect and collect !!! —— Thanks for visiting… The Whistle Gallery !!!


Posted August 07, 2013

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