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031 How Do I Price My Police Whistle?

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Two questions to ask ….
1) Is it a Metropolitan ??  Then it is by Hudson
2) Is it made by someone else ?? Then it needs to be identified.

Metropolitans are very ‘collectible’ these days. In fact more so than the much rarer police whistles if they are tube shaped !! Weird huh ?? Not really ‘collectability’ usually runs into just plain following the horde. So, if it is a Metro,  is it 84 bucks, 131 Barr, 13 Barr or 244 Barr. The older the address the better for pricing. The more obscure the constabulary the better the price you will get. Are you selling it on eBay ( most are these days ) Then start it low and hold on to the very end. The money will always come in at the last with last second bidding. It can be nerve wracking but it is just the way of bidding. Most know that if they bid up front it merely drives the price higher so they lay low. Be careful not to place bids on your own whistle. That is very taboo by eBay, called schill bidding. Now consider this…If it is a police whistle it may sell high, if it is an asylum whistle it will bring in better. OR if it is a fire brigade whistle it will also bring in bids. Is the whistle from  the UK or outside of the UK ?? Most whistle collecting is inside the UK. However there are some big time collectors outside the country. It is simply just more popular in the UK. Silver sells well. Can’t say much about silver whistles though…they are usually little things …. Teethers can be quite elaborate and sell well, but usually the seller asks for far too much. In fact many specialty whistles sit on the market FAR too long. Why is that ?? Unrealistic desires of the sellers. Foolish too. Know why ?? Take a whistle worth 2 to 3 hundred dollars US. Try for a year or two to sell it for 5 hundred dollars and turn everyone away from your items. You bought it for 150 dollars and feeeel you need to make 250 dollars because it is sooooo rare. On the other hand drop the price in half and make 100 dollars. Then you turn that 100 dollars over 5 times in the next year making yourself 250 more dollars. Now you have made 350 dollars profit. OR you can sit on that whistle for a year or two – perhaps taking a lesser offer anyway. You decide. Turn those whistles and more will come out. Perhaps it is a different shape than the tube shaped police type whistle. Gotta identify it ( use the categories pages ). Pricing becomes harder if obscure – gotta have a collector that wants it right ?? The field of whistles is so obscure that many very, very rare whistles just do not have a market. However even if the field is micro-measured, there are some maniacal collectors like us here at the whistle gallery out there.  If all else fails write us—however we might make you an offer and then what to do, what to do….


Posted September 12, 2014

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