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032 Metropolitan Whistles

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Help I need info on my Metropolitan whistle. We receive this request many times so some extra guidelines might be helpful.

Well, here you go…

Metropolitan whistles are named after London years ago. However it soon became an iconic name.

For example, if I say hand me a Kleenex, you know what I mean ( a tissue )
OR a Crescent wrench ( adjustable wrench )
OR a Metropolitan whistle.


The point ?? The name has gone beyond the manufactured whistle by Hudson. And they were smart early on recognizing that. They soon put out generic Metropolitans for the public.

Then they put out Metropolitan whistles marketed for health facilities stamped MH ( mental  hospital ) or specifically naming the mental health facility on the whistle.

Then they put out whistles for fire brigades with the specific brigade stamped under Metropolitan.

It was marketing, yet it took over and voila !! Now you find a Metropolitan and want to sell it. So…


Check out our categories section and place what you have there. Now you know what to say when you try to sell it off.  Or when hunting around those antiques you know what to pick up for resale.
Of course watch out for condition and if it works.


Public edition 1dollar to 100 dollars

Police issue 50 dollars to 500 dollars.

Fire Brigade 100 dollars to 600 dollars

Mental Hospital 100 dollars to 800 dollars


Now you can’t say that nobody ever gave you anything…


Posted September 12, 2014

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