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038 Barrall Round #3 (Special Edition)

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Expectedly as collecting antique and rare whistles becomes more popular, we will see more models from manufacturers previously unseen. Here we are presenting the third known and published Barrall round whistle to date. Without a catalog with model numbers they are only known in succession from page 39 of More Whistles by Martyn Gilchrist, who identified a single whistle with a round window. The second was found and presented in SPOTLIGHT 37 seen with a Barrall top ring. Now is presented a finial top knop on a round whistle that matches Barrall’s beaufort whistle he made with the same top.

Here is a close-up of the round and then a comparison of the two together

pic 11

Next let’s make a comparison to the second known Barrall with loop top. Note the similarities

3 4

Then there is a side view of both.

5 6

And a couple views revealing the backs matching, the materials and the complimentary angles.

7 8

Finding new whistles is the delight of all whistle collectors. Perhaps you have one or more to highlight as a guest here ?? Let us know and we can present it for the world to be educated in this terrific hobby


Posted December 5, 2014

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