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052 – Salvation Army Escargot, Barrall

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Barrall escargots are rare and it almost seems as if each one is the only one known !! Granted we have seen a couple duplicated and one has come in two sizes, but still about a half dozen is all that have surfaced in as many years.

Interestingly the Salvation Army stamp has been used on three different escargots by Barrall.

The focus here is on what may be the most diminutive of the three. Since Barrall made whistles for only 14 years that gives us an idea that the whistle was made close to the inception of the Salvation Army in 1865. – John Barrall manufactured whistles from 1886-1898. So the earliest we could date it would be 21 years later in 1886.

barral esc 01

The stamp has Salvation Army and Blood and Fire under a crown. It matches the other two escargots although the size is the smaller one.

barral esc 02

As also notable, the window is very large by any standards, but larger in proportion on such a small model. This is a 5 piece whistle in the London style.

The mouthpiece is flatter and longer than the one closest to it on page 12 of More Whistles by Gilchrist. The farthest to the left of four.

barral esc 03

Lastly the knop.

barral esc 04

All of John Barral’s knops are tall on his escargots. They can also be quite shapely, but the least is that they stand tall on a wider than usual base most of the time, but not always. This one slants down which again is slightly unusual ( well, compared to just a few others he made !! )

Not so different from the first of the two pictured in MWs, but very different from the second and all three are Salvation Army stamped.

All reflect a handmade quality.

The hope is that more Barrall escargot will come to light.


Posted December 5, 2015

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