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075 Captains Whistle (Special Edition)

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Occasionally an unidentified whistle comes available. Here is what was bought as a ‘captains’ whistle. Perhaps a ships captain, but more likely a gentleman’s whistle complete with a steel chain added. The manufacturing does not match any reputed manufacturing styles, models or features.

Captains 01

It is in the class of round whistles. Distinguishing features include:

  1. Swivel knop
  2. Steel fipple
  3. Tapering design
  4. Weight

The side view reveals the solid stock used as one piece with added fipple.

Captains 02

Here is a close-up of the top swivel knop. The cross pin is peened over.

Captains 03 Captains 04

Several close-ups picture the steel fipple well placed.

Captains 05Captains 06Captains 07

Size comparison… ( 66mm )

Captains 08

Interesting pre 1900 steel mesh chain.

Captains 09



(Posted July 5, 2017)

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