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what kind of whistle is this anyway ???????????????????????????
On eBay watch >>>>> 132135374565
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Thomas Johnson 1876 silver hallmarked whistle on eBay watch. 232275297314. You know a purist might collect just hallmarked silver whistles....but then the questions might be...
1) teethers and rattles ??
2) bosuns
3) chatelaines
4) ladies
5) skeletons
6) beauforts
7) military dress

oh my, the list keeps going !!!!
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lots and lots of views on the Ward heavy walled two tube !!! Hope you checked out the auction pictures. Here is another rarity. Who do you think made it ?? ( thanks Pete for the picture ) ... See MoreSee Less

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rare ward...no argument there....love it, except for that.... ... See MoreSee Less

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Not really my cup of tea with teethers, but hey, there is always an exception....is this it perhaps ?? On eBay auction watch, can you find it ?? ... See MoreSee Less

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