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it's getting pretty exciting when POLICE whistles are getting so collectible. Take this Metropolitan Birmingham 131 Barr for example on eBay right now.(132287498940 ) it has quickly crested 100gbp. And that is before Pitney Bowes jacks up the postage another 25% !!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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plain, but identifiable just from the picture. Can you name the manufacturer ?? Circa ?? On eBay watch....311937520647 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello, I have been trying to find information regarding the whistle in the pictures. It was in my Dad's belongings. He was in the US Navy in the 1950's. He and his father also worked for the Great Northern Railroad. The whistle seems to be a hybrid of two whistles. However there are two of them. I have been unable to find anything. I'm interested in the history and if possible a ballpark value. We don't intend to sell them. Thank you for your time. Any help is appreciated. Marlana ... See MoreSee Less

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rare, yes.
sought after .... hmmmm....
Not my cup of tea, but very interesting whistle wouldn't you say ???
On eBay watch ( again ) 263132927760
... See MoreSee Less

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Surprise !! SPOTLIGHT 49 featured ( check it out ) the rest of this whistle and now we have seen a second one ( don't have permission to post and not on auction ) so the bad news is can't show it, the good news ?? It was a production whistle !!! There are MORE to be found !!!! Gotta love it huh ??? ... See MoreSee Less

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