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OK, here is a tough one for you. Who made this whistle on eBay watch 132398875492 ?? ( and it's not a metropolitan ) ... See MoreSee Less

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where have we seen this siren on eBay watch (391927279570 ) before ?? Oh yeah, SPOTLIGHT 65 🙂
something is different though......
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1884 - 85 cast mouthpiece, 131 Barr street GSW nickle silver on eBay watch 253251150916 - sold and shipped over seas ?? If so, 25% of the sale goes for postage of a whistle that fits in an envelope. The final fee includes an inflated postage and the seller pays for that Too !!!
Fees increase yet,
Bids drop.......
Conclusion?? the higher the signed for delivery over seas postage gets --- the better deals local bidders can get !!!!!!
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collecting whistles is growing and police whistles even more so !! Here is a new collector from Buenos Aires focusing on police whistles in Argentina !!!
Perhaps we can post some images that she doesn't have ( yet )
How about it ??
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i'm perplexed....is this the coolest whistle you have ever seen or the ugliest ??? On eBay watch of course....302521365929 ... See MoreSee Less

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