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I tell myself, I just need to MAN UP and bid more....so I go ahead and raise my bid...... and then I still lose !!! Does this mean I'm just a CRYBABY ??

On eBay watch a rare Coatbridge Burgh police issue button whistle.just went by >>> 152555455365
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I feel like such a whistle snob 🙁
Here I find what is ordinarily an elusive skeleton whistle and I balk at it !!!! ( on eBay watch 302321193294 ) What is wrong with me ??? It even has a stamp on it telling you how to use it ?? Classic skeleton and yet....what to do ?? ....I hate myself.....
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thanks Pete for the pictures !!! Anyone know why the top is capped and the ring is on the side ?? ... See MoreSee Less

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as you might have guessed the four pipe was definitely not MEGA rare now was it ??
On the other hand this vesta, although not hallmarked is a great find 🙂
Another treat on eBay watch >>> 132197779548
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'mega rare'.... interesting title. So hard to hold back from buying it after that description !!! And after that very authoritative title ----- buy with confidence.
Oh and then the further notes by the seller that they couldn't find anything on it on the internet and would appreciate any information sent to them ( not to make it sell better of course ) Perhaps so they could actually KNOW if it is MEGA RARE !!!!
Just goes to show you that whistle collecting is still in its infancy !!! ... on eBay watch >>> 272661971847
There are still bargains out there ...
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