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is this a whistle or what ?? On eBay watch >>> 263107145428 ... See MoreSee Less

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we all fear getting stuck looking at the dreaded spoon collection. However it wouldn't be sooooo bad if they were whistle spoons eh ???
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can you name the different features from the average similar two tube whistles on this one ???? A 'must have' for the discerning collector of two tube 'thin-wall' whistles 🙂
On eBay watch >>> 263100075189
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OK, no bites on the last query and learning post. Here is a different direction - a vesta where the whistle is hinged !!!
on eBay watch >>> 172782599977
heading for over 100gbp !!!
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How many manufacturers used the 'Porteous' top on their whistles ?? In fact how many different countries used a Porteous top at all ?? Here is an excellent example on eBay watch >>> 232414307821
What say you ???
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