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scout whistle built like a tank 🙂
Wonder which worker at Hudson's actually designed this whistle ?? On eBay watch 173099246292
and the story that goes with it is honest !!!
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an example of how fickle whistle collecting can be. Rarity does not always rule !! Here is a rare escargot on eBay watch (322996675313) and yet it stays at a price that doesn't reflect it. So quality rules, then rarity a close second ?? What do you think ?? ... See MoreSee Less

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the one that got away. ( well it certainly has a lot of company ) Thanks Wendy for permission to post the pictures after the auction - went for 123 gbp. on eBay ... those crossovers are hard to beat for us poor whistle geeks...... 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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now here's a whistle worth repairing !!! Old police button whistles are rare. The loop is copper and has been added. On eBay watch 142651909825 and does not ship to the states. Looks like nickle silver buttons too !!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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here is confirmation that whistle collecting is not like coin collecting. A double stamp coin would go for a mint ( did I say that ?) whereas this double stamp Acme on eBay with a Buy IT NOW has just sat. 112733522006
Weird values huh ??
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