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whistle books

The most versatile thing about books is that they are very visual. One can scan them fast. Not only that you can look at two pages side by side and flip pages quickly yet still see all the pages. Mechanically a book works better than a website.

Now, as for information they are tied really. Both deliver.

You can write in your books too, highlighting however you like. You can write notes. Even insert things into the pages. Make it into a notebook for study and reference.

I have my books tabbed too for quick reference.

Oh, sure there are a lot of things that you can do with your computer which is great. But books have their own place.

It would help if there was a library of books on antique whistles, but alas there are only three ( well four if you count Dundas – mostly plastic whistles ) well done books. In fact really only two that are real deep.

All out of print, so getting therm is a little important before they are difficult to even obtain.

Anything else books are good for ??



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