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What are People Saying About The Whistle Gallery?

I enjoyed and was impressed by the article [ Spotlight: Richard Porteous ], and it has realized a hope. That is, the books would open up the subject of whistles, and those after me would be encouraged to research further and add to the body of knowledge. I feel your article is a great contribution. – Martyn Gilchrist [Author – WhistlesMore WhistlesCollecting Police Whistles and Similar Types]

Len, Hope you are doing well.  Love your Whistle Gallery site.  Spent over two hours there tonight.  Your work with the SpotLight features is top drawer!  I can appreciate your hard work on these articles recalling my Whistle Notes days of years ago. –  Jim Fitch [Author – Whistle Notes]

Len Everyday when I get on my computer, I check the weather app, my email, ebay watch list, NY Yankee news, and your blog. Your blog is GREAT!! […] thanks so much for all the work you and your team put into the website. It is greatly appreciated! – Barry

Hi Len, I really need a whistle expert! Our program aims to solve people's artifact mysteries. […] I appreciate your help and interest. If I end up with a police whistle mystery, I know you to call. : )
– Paula Engelking [Senior Writer/Producer, Committee FilmsThe History Channel – America Unearthed]

Hi Len, I love your website. It is really quite wonderful. […] Well done. And thank you for all of your efforts to inform. – Matthew C.

Hi, Firstly many thanks for a very interesting website – I've just spent at least an hour looking
through it!!! – Paul B.

Hi, I absolutely love your site and especially your article about identifying case siren!!! – Nick W.

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