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just got done photographing some whistles for an upcoming SPOTLIGHT — i would tell you about it, but of course something on the same subject would ironically pop up on another website !!! Hmmmm.


In the mean time here is a trivia point if you missed it ??

It is buried in one of the spotlights….

How did the name Porteous get attached to the well known Porteous top whistles ??

Answer… It was actually coined by Martyn Gilchrist who was researching whistles for his books. He wanted to make it easier to know what whistle he was talking about with the globular or spherical tops on tube shaped whistles that he came across.

It turned out that the oldest ones were circa 1860s ( perhaps made by Stevens who later put their name on them when they for sure manufactured them ) that had these tops. So it seemed fitting to nickname them for him. It really helped to set them apart.  Later Dowler and Hudson would start making them,  and finally DeCourcy.

In all only four manufacturers would ever make them. There are of course many variations, but round, spherical tops none the less. Cast, two piece either or.

And there you have it….


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