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6 piece whistle

What's so interesting about 6 piece escargot whistles ??? —- They are HEAVY !!!! So what, you say 🙂      Well beauty is in the eyes or should I say in the hands of the beHOLDER.

They just feeeeeeeel, well, for lack of a better word ……… MORE.

Add to this, the fact that they lasted only a couple years in manufacturing — 1890 to 1891 and then the market dropped off with Hudsons patented three peice, so that the design still exists today. WAY too much work and expense for the money even back then. Their demise was imminent.

Auld led the field with three sizes ( I found a fourth ), yet there are others like McDonald, Ward and some unnamed manufacturers.

So as it goes here is one that may well fly under the radar !! >>>>>> 301223859377. An AULD made from 6 pieces….

2 sides
top of mouthpiece
2 piece barrel
total ?? 6 PIECES !!!!

You get to see all the angles, however take note that the seller has NO sales as yet  and is unproven.

Well best wishes on it !!!  ( The under rated escargot article is great reading on the website by the way…TWG

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