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Alfred De Courcy

Wow, tackled a rather large topic this time !!! I am going to open up things with Alfred and a couple whistles that surfaced of his. So I thought to do a SPOTLIGHT on him first. Well then,  it is taking two articles — and then some. Just can’t get together enough variety from the reference collection to do him justice. BUT I certainly don’t want to pirate other peoples pictures and have no idea about the actual whistle to talk about do I ?? What do you think ?? Is it too far a reach to refer to Martyn’s books,  as if everyone has or will get them ?? He DID set the bar for whistle literature though didn’t he ??

Oh well, the ball is rolling now. I have almost half of PART one done. Early De Courcy whistles scattered all over my computer desk right now and as OCD as I can get it is killing me !!!! ARGH !!!! Can’t wait to show you what popped up and from Pakistan !!! Who’da thunk ??? Not me ( but there is probably a logical reason … or not ) So back to ‘feelin my pain’ here. He was a real craftsman and I will venture to say one of the top manufacturers. Of course collectors can be sooooo arrogant now can’t we ?? Wait till China opens up with all that history and craftmanship, or Germany comes more to light. But I digress…. back to Alfred.  Check out the SPOTLIGHT and let me know if I missed anything, or stepped out of line ??

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