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anniversary of rare whistle site

it's been a year now !!! whoah !! Who'da thunk !!!

—– we put a counter on at the end of November and have 20,000 pages loads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         So what has happened behind the scenes and what is going to happen ??

We re wrote a lot  and made corrections a LOT !!! Changed the pix somewhat and decided to post only our whistles. Makes things tougher but hey, gotta draw the line somewhere 🙂

We're bulding a data base to share with you. Already up to BEE 🙂

The SPOTLIGHTS  are coming monthly now. Added a LINKS page for you. And breaking news to watch for. We are soooo very close to selling now that we have worked out the financial bugs with ordering.

Added Facebook for comments again.

redesigned a few things………

Selling posters of an arranged whistle cabinet for those of you that love whistles but don't want to go broke !!!!

Books will be for sale in a month or two !!!

We're setting up for some more innovations you will like — hopefully…

It is amazing how much time and energy it takes to maintain the site. ( and money ) The data base is REALLY  going to take a chunk out of me 🙁

Well, thought you might want to be in the loop. We're getting more and more emails, so keep 'em coming !!!!

Feedback – feedback- feedback !!!!!

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