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antique whistle show

The whistles are flying back and forth in Portland !! Hundreds have moved in and out. — How is that ?? The friends are bringing in whistles to give us now !!! Yup, a few have decided to give us ones they have 'graduated' past and we pass them on to the young ones who can't afford even the least expensive ones — works great !! We have a dog whistle to place and several escargots now   🙂

Then there are the collectors who know their stuff and only buy the best and rarest. Like a Schwarz German military WW11, a Ward slider circa 1890, a spherical Ward cycling whistle circa 1890, a nickle silver Liverpool with liver bird DeCourcy polioce whistle, a Barrall police circa 1890 …. Perhaps the Porteous 4 tube wind instrument from 1845 will go today ????? A buyer of very good taste has been eyeing it !!!!!!

Many first time buyers looking for safety whistles, presents and memories.

Beyond that those who want a genuine police whistle from England named after robert Peel called a Bobbie whistle and find a nicklesilver Metro with police numbers on them. We brought in about 60 whistles for that last show and there are about 20 left now.

A few are starting collections, buying either random cross sectional whistles or focusing on escargots or the like.

— and of course whistle books are essential for learning  — of which we have sets of three we have been selling for a show special price !!!

Yuchy outside this time of year, but warm and fun inside !!! Noisy too, testing out those sirens, sliders, and train whistles — several sound effect whistles from the 1920s too.

We'll look for you !!!! LAST day !!!

The only booth in the world dedicated to just whistles !!! All metal, no tin     🙂

( we will be away in March, so nothing till July after this weekend )


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