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antique whistles for sale

Why sell antique whistles ?? In fact, why ask ?? Well, for one thing you will never make money !!!

So what is the motivation ?? Advertising !!! Constantly the number one comment on a sale display is ” I never knew there were so many whistles !! ” Then we tell ’em, that we only collect metal. There are bone, ivory, wood, plastic…..

Then there is safety. Clearly half of what we sell are whistles under 20 dollars each. Junkers. Some we ‘donate’ to the kids. But who buys the utility ones ?? >>> Boaters, Kayakers, hunters, walkers, cyclers, hikers, late might shoppers. No money there for sure, but what a way to teach people about whistles !!!

Oh sure there are a very few real collectors and it is a struggle to find whistles for them. Mostly they ‘graduate’ to finding them on their own. So why bother ??

1) gets us away for a weekend three times a year ( well, two this next year )
2) Great conversations for THREE days about our favorite subject !!!
3) TEACHES whistles —- same as our website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) helps us to rotate out for further research. So some sell at cost or just above.

However there is food, travel, booth expenses, parking expenses, loss time off work….

It all takes funds, work and to be honest we have never even come close to breaking even. Perhaps the -tax write off- is the best deal going for a hobby so obscure.

So why not try it ?? Go to a flea market or antique sale and set up a table or booth and try to sell off some of your whistles ?? Sound absurd ?? Too much work ?? Yes, it is a sacrifice to an extent. But it is worth it !!! Get those whistles out there !!! In the process you will have a ball meeting new friends personally, finding and collecting and learning about YOUR favorite subject !!!!

Funny, some would claim that we profit off selling whistles !!!! BIG DOLLARS !!!– ought to try it sometime and see 🙂

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