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antique whistles

— you know what is ironic about whistle collectors ?? It is the fact that whistles are a sound instrument. Now why would that be ironic ?? Cause many collectors go by feeeeeeeel. Now isn't that weird ?? Kinda, kinda not….

You see ( another sense other than hearing ), the thickness and heavy smooth feel of an all brass or steel whistle can be intoxicating to the other senses !!! The design with smooth curves sometimes on steps, along with the size and construction, dwarfs other cheaply made whistles.

It's a matter of taste 🙂

Now, the fact that few if anyone makes a decision to buy a whistle due to the sound it emits might sound all backwards.

Yet, when one considers all the OTHER reasons one collects whistles ( i.e. quality of workmanship, design, use, history etc ) Then it makes perfect sense. One isn't buying a utlity item per se, but a package !!!

Makes buying over the internet a challenge doesn't it ?? Not really, you can tell from a distance when the pictures are well taken and also if you ask questions. OR if you know your whistles well, even better.

Heavier is not always better, but hey, it's a start.

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