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are rare whistles expensive?

well, yes and no,  is the answer for today's heading. They don't have to be  !!!!

yes, if it is popular, no if it is obscure and out of the limelight. Some are high profile and some literally nobody cares about. The ironic thing is that some times these are fantastic whistles !!! —- NO REALLY !!!

Connoiseura person with special knowledge or appreciation of a field, esp in the arts. So with just the tiniest bit of appreciation for varieties of rare whistles, you can be eclectic enough to be choosy and scoop up some real prizes — for cheap !!!. Aaaaaaand that makes you a connoiser of rare and fine whistles.

However it is a lonely road my friend. After all, who do you talk to about your latest find ?? Obscure whistles in an obscure field of whistle collecting !!!

Here's the thing though…would you rather be collecting something that EVERYONE wanted and find a couple things to share after spending half your life searching for those once in a life time ( or twice ) bargains ?? OR would feel like you hit the jackpot because hardly anyone notices something of real value ?? And you are finding LOTS !!!!!

Well, you might say if nobody notices them, then there is no value and I'm crazy for thinking so. Wishful thinking. Whistles are just trinkits. Toys. Baubels…..

Works for me….just keep thinking that way     🙂

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