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back from sunny calif !!

yah, really sunny in No. Cal. this weekend. The show at the naval base in Alameda was very nice. Lots of people and interest in whistles !!! We used a 20 foot long booth and set up a couple boards along with a 'collectors' box for the more collectable models. NOTHIN BUT WHISTLES !!! 

Why post or write about it ?? Just to mention that the growing interest sometimes needs more than the internet. So we may have to travel some to promote this low flying, under the radar hobby. Yeah, not really worth it for the sales. But meet a lot of folks and get the word out what is happening in whistle world.

Many times we hear the comment that "I need to FEEL" the weight and smoothness before I buy. Well, that works great if you can find 'em !!! But there just aren't that many booths selling whistles now are there ??? So eventually the internet has to become the channel to whistle exchange…we hope 🙂

Will be loading up the FOR SALE page next, —- perhaps this week after deducting what was sold. Good news…the cycling whistle still here for sale !! The pewter dog is gone though (was bought in seconds actually ) Sold half the torpedo boat whistles to one customer. And of course lots of police whistles. Also sold a couple books left of MORE WHISTLES. I have just three left and then they are ALL gone !!! Hope Martyn reprints.And we still have a great Yates dual chamber 1870s with pewter mouthpieces.

Got in late today, but a few hasty notes till rolling again…..


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