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beaufort whistle

wow, got an old Dixon beaufort in the other day and still marvel at it, days later…..

No big deal I suppose for most, but to a whistle geek the world !!! Why you ask ?? It trills when blown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No pea like in an escargot !!! Now that's news !!! How'd they DO that anyway ?? Just the right angle for air to pass through the holes ???? Perhaps the PARTITION is just loose enough to rattle inside the cone shaped body ??

Well, anyway, besides that is has a fantastic round cast mouthpiece and that's another unusual thing as Dixons aren't known for having them. Now I have to go through all the beauforts I see and have pictures of and re-examine them for possible mislabeling !!  OOOOH !!! I'm excited !!!

Back to the drawing board 🙂

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