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BGI Spotlight

nice and rainy out today, gotta be glad about THAT !!! However it did spur me on to complete the SPOTLIGHT number  six on BGI bullet whistles. I think it really turned out well myself, but of course it isn’t posted yet and I can’t get any feedback can I ?? I DO get some comments in the emails and that is kind 🙂

I went back into the net and found a BGI 601 from 1881 sold this summer for 25 dollars, so it shows that rare whistles are available all the time for bargains and THIS makes it a tremendous hobby to get into !!! WHY you ask ?? Beeeeeeecause, the more that is known the more will surface. THAT’S what we want. These little guys lie around drawers forever and no one thinks about ’em.

Guess I will go and hang the whistles and micrometer and scale and… back where they all go. Another article done. Not too bad either on the scheduling as I originally planned just one a month to give myself some room to breathe. According to that I am about 4 months ahead  !!!

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