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dug further into BGI today, actually a running study project. I didn’t have any idea of their history and kept at it a little. There are so few records to go on. For a fact, I am really researching the BGI model #601 bullet whistle and therefore I got enamored with the BGI company itself,¬† since they made sooooo many whistles back then. You know they only lasted about 30 years, but that is quite long when compared to say a raccoon,¬† huh ??

ANYWAY, back to my tangent. The company is built mainly on the start of Charles D. Leet, — that would be Charles S. Leet’s dad I would think ?? Have to verify that lineage later. Junior it seems is the one that patented the bullet whistle and kinda have to get my ducks in a row for the next SPOTLIGHT¬† concentrating on this whistle. Came in two sizes too — betcha didn’t know THAT did ya ?? Well, I will have to illuminate that when the article gets published. My computer guy stood me up last week, but PROMISED this week to be here. No good to publish if you can’t read the articles……


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