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bidding versus set prices

Ever wonder why whistles sell better when bid on than when a set price is put out there for anyone to take ??

Think it isn't so ?? Well try it this way. Put a rare whistle up for sale on eBay at a set price plus make it 'OR BEST OFFER'. They never do as well…. not as well as straight up auctions.

Perhaps the gamble that it will go cheap ?  Ha, ha, ha, ha…. Not with all the snipers just hanging back and waiting. It's always funny to hear a seller say that they have several watchers and hope their whistle will do well then. I would be wiulling to bet that a watcher never wins the auctions 🙂

Oh I know, sometimes a couple newbies bid the tar out of it early and everyone pulls off.

However regularly the chickens do come home to roost.

Word has it that you can put some food in front of a chicken and they will eat a certain amount. But hey, put another chicken there and they will eat 30% more !!! So other chickens can drive up the 'desireability' of a whistle and therfore the auction has an air about it.

However the real story is if 'experts' are interested and bid ( even if you are merely anticipating them bidding ) thats where things really change. You see, a whistles stamp of approval may in your mind only come from those guys. Same with all collecting. Pedigree can come from another's opinion !!!!!

Watch out for that spoiling your fun. If YOU like it then it is great fun. If another likes it and you buy it for THAT reason, then you are compensating for some other need.

Hope you are having fun….


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