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blog spammers win, sorta…

what is a bot ?? Something that has to be contended with if one has a blog – that is for sure. In fact we now do not allow commenting on our blog — specifically for that reason. We were muscled out.

Here's their motive as per wikipedia:

Adding links that point to the spammer's web site artificially increases the site's search engine ranking. An increased ranking often results in the spammer's commercial site being listed ahead of other sites for certain searches, increasing the number of potential visitors and paying customers.

So, after battling them with blog spam blockers and having loan pimps bombarding our site several times a day, we shut off the commenting. Yeah, LOAN adverstisers of all the spammers are the worst. You can't get them to stop.

You can email us if you want, but nobody gets to see all the activity that the site is generating.  

read and weep…


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