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brass and copper boatswain whistle

I'm sorry, but I just can't get into these brass and copper bosons, boatswain,  or bosun or WHATEVER  !!!!!. In fact they are almost degrading to my frind the whistle. Yeah I know they are whistles — sorta…..

However they flood the market from China, India, USA or where ever they 'cross the sea' from.

All I know is that they are close to the cheapest whistles seen and sooooo highly produced that one sees them everywhere and it confuses the masses ( well even more ) as what are genuinely collectable whistles or not. I guess I have to accept that if they whistle they are indeed genuine. ARGH !!!

From tiny 2 inch models >> for the smallest sailors hands in the universe ( or seas ) —  to the standard 5 inch size they are omnipresent. Aaaaaaand many times complete with wooden boxes and fancy chains.

All of it shouting genuine or presentation or YECH !!!!

Am I the only one ???

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