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byu rare whistles

why buy rare whistles ?? They are going up in price for one thing.

But beyond that —————  for trading of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BETTER than baseball cards ( well the card guys might beg to differ )

But really now, doesn't it double your ability to get a better collection ?? Think about it. You can only find different whistles on any given day and what if you go weeeeeeks without finding any ?? Or even mooooooonths !!!

In the mean time what if you come across some rare ones but they are duplicates ???

Scarf them up and write others about trading them and voila !! You have done a magic trick 🙂 — You just CREATED another way to find rare whistles….

Of course one has to network with other collectors and communicate — Oh, yech, did I say that ??? Sorry, reticence is the name of the game for most…..

but is it wisest ??

Happy hunting.

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