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Catalogs, Trade Journals

wanted to give some thought to catalogs, trade journals, etc today…. what’s the story on copyrights  ???? >>>> If you look at the web one finds the following…………….  If the work was published in the United States priorto 1923, it is in the public domain.

In the UK it appears to be a 50 to 70 year maximum from publishing. Conclusion ?? prior to 1940 it is in the public domain.

This is good to know !! Why you ask ?? Good question 🙂 It seems that one of the key ways to find old whistles by different makers is to know what was made even BEFORE you have seen it !!! So once you find something in writing or pictures that you can share, you don’t have to worry about infringements do ya ?? Yup, makes it easier to find whistles when many are looking for them rather than one person looking and perhaps never seeing them at all.

Now, that means that you are going to have to give up some of your whistle time to catalog time, but it pays off in dividends later. AND one catalog can be like finding several whistles if they are ones you haven’t seen before. Then you also have trading material and voila !! Brainpools are born 🙂


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