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Simply put, the following are advertising pictures and descriptions of whistles and products surrounding the manufacturer. So much can be learned about a whistle maker from catalogs that we have decided to devote a full section here. We hope to receive more from various sources, including those sent in from our readers, that we will publish for everyone to learn from.

To start, there are several catalogs that we have collected over the years. Reading them can reveal the makers location, and dating becomes a bit more obvious. However, sometimes a manufacturer used older pictures or drawings for years, so one must be cautious. Along with catalogs were trade journals, registrations per country and patent info — all quite revealing. Google Search is easy for patents in the USA, but the UK and other european records remain difficult to navigate. As we receive these records we will post them.

Often times the model numbers will be listed or at least one number and others referred to, which tells us what to look for. There are whistles that are listed in catalogs that have not been seen yet. An example would be the siren made by Alfred DeCourcy. (Seen below.) We would never have known that this whistle ( actually a siren I know, but made by a whistle manufacturer 🙂 existed if not for this catalog excerpt.  When it appeared it was quickly identified. It would seem best to hoard such information to save any whistles found for yourself, but we believe that the more that is known the more that will come out! Please join us in adding to this section, credit is always given to the donors. Any leads will be followed up too.

Unknown Alfred Decourcey












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