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Caveat emptor

gotta admit. Buying thru the internet has its risks. Case in point. Got in a great nickle silver combination whistle today. Tore open the package. —-Love nickle silver , slurp, drool…. Round whistle on one side — including the notched window even. Beaufort on the other side with rings around top and bottom. Looks to be a Hudson. …Then I roll it over and YECH, the ring is broken off and missing !!!

Now I gotta wrestle with the original seller and what do they ALWAYS say ?? I'm no whistle expert. How was I to know ?? —- is what they imply, isn't it ?? Oh really ?? You sell a car and don't notice the handle to the door is missing and there is a broken off spot there on the door ??????? Kind of a clue — ya think ????

Postage paid to get it here and postage paid to send it back — out of you know whos pocket !!!
How to prevent it ?? ALWAYS ask ahead >>>>>  are there any defects ?? I didn't this time, because the seller said "that it was all original condition, Been in a drawer for years".

The picture ( single ) only showed the good side. BOY I can't tell you how many times I have run into that !!! THEY KNOW when they hide the defects…………………Remember to ASK !!!!!!!

Another case in point. Also got in a DeCourcy escargot with one of his distinctive top rings. However roll it over and the bottom is dented. Couldn't see it in the well posed pictures. Now instead of a really nice version in nickel silver ( did I mention my passion for nick….) I gotta sell it off at cost or worse yet, BELOW cost and point out the defect !!! —- Why not send it back ??? Not worth the wrestling match this time.


Buy from reputable dealers or in person, otherwise….


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