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change is good

the website has changed again !!! finally highlighting some whistles to sell !!! We usually don’t try very hard to sell off the web unless someone really wants a whistle or two. But the shows always do well.
Why ??
Because ironically most people buy whistles on how they feel !!! Yep, they feel the weight or smoooooothness or the chain looks great. But BLOW it ??? That usually comes last if at all…who knew ??
So only the most avid and savvy collectors buy off the website. However the interesting thing is that 2/3 of the visitors look at the for sale section.
Why ??
Perhaps to price their own whistle to sell them ?? Too bad cause the prices are set high on purpose. Only a serious enquiry gets a REAL price 🙂
OR to check their own purchase — if they got a good deal ??
OR just plain trolling for whistles and that is great too.

So there you have it. We will be doing bi-monthly special sales now and every two months 10 more will go on special, but the previous ten will be removed 🙁 — toooo late !!!

Remember, the more you buy the more fantastic SPOTLIGHTS we will be able to do, so your money goes to a special cause !!!!

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