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It is surprising how often we get asked about how do I clean my whistle. Finally figured it out !!! It is a trick question !!!!

It's not how do I cleeeeean my whistle , but how do I disinfect it    🙂    EASY …. bleach, well, diluted bleach water to be exact. Just add some bleach to some water very dilute and then soak them in it. If you like scrub them with a brush.

BEFORE that though look inside. It is amazing how much of a fur ball can get into that small whistle !! Especially those tube shaped ones. So take some tweezers and empty them out, then scrub and soak them.

Now you can safely blow away, well unless it is made of lead at all and then of course you don't want to put them in your mouths at all !! You could always use an air can like we do 🙂 ( get them at Costco )

Oh and be careful, no abrasives right ???


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