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How far do I go with cleaning ?? Asked by a collector I thought to give it a little extra thought….

I never would fail to clean a whistle. Why you ask ?? Good question 🙂

We should always clean everything we own is the no brainer here. However what is clean ??

Well, first has to do with germs don't ya think ?? All one needs is a little bleach in some water. If your clothes turn white you probably went too FAR !!!! And if it burns well, you know 🙂 However ya really need to address those germs. YOU might want to blow that whistle or your kid or ?? I know ya don't want to give it any thought, but the more it has been blown the more SPIT went through it huh ?? I know — YECH !!! Saliva…….

So you might want to even soak it over night….

Next what about corrosion ?? Light rust, dirt etc. A toothbrush and clean water works well and does NOT STRIP !!! Patina is everything to some collectors. We need to all respect that to a point I suppose. Especially in the brass realm. Maybe take a small dental tool or whatever and clean out the fur balls that have accumulated ?? Test it then ?? Of course…der !!… If it doesn't work is it really a whistle ?? Gotta make a sound, so you might have to tweak it a bit. Careful to use flat tools though !!! Tools with teeth leave teeth-marks different than the teeth marks on the whistle that are "supposed" to be there !

Next, do I strip it ?? Well is it so corroded that you can't see it ?? Perhaps. If so, then it is a personal decision, but one that needs to be made. Try this … WAIT !!! I know, you just got it in and want to really fix 'er up. BUT if you wait, then the decision is sooooo much easier to make. After a while it may grow on you OR you may just hate the looks. NOW you will KNOW what to do.

What if it is nickle silver ??? hmmmmm have to address ( or undress ) that later dudes….


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