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collecting whistles

well, it's been a while since posting !!! However there is soooooo much interest in rare whistles ( metal only, no tin 🙂 That people crave to read what is going on in the whistle world.

Here is a small perspective….a byte kinda…

Bosuns. Yup they are really taking off. Seems like they have doubled and then doubled again in prices. It really has become quite a catagory to collect. They are varied too–whoda thunk ??? Just a pipe right ??
Nah, short or long, silver or brass, Pewter – brittania ( admittedly rarer ) It would seem that they have finally come into their own.

Silver has also skyrocketed. The best silver has always commanded high prices, but now even the smaller ones are going up. However they are still quite affordable compared to corkscrews ya know ??

There is an amazing amount of bargains amongst the climbing prices to be sure. Hopefully as we redesign the website more will be able to be brought out to see.

In the mean time, keep writing and sending those pix 🙂 It has already been a great year and some very rare ones have surfaced.


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