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collecting whistles

what is your favorite type of whistle ??

Fire Brigade

Lots to choose from and many actually do become quite choosy. One friend collected only Boatswain. Specialization — why do we ?? Perhaps the same reason we collect whistles at all ( they are all special  right ? )

The question begs to be asked  … what do we not collect when it comes to whistles ?? And Whyyyyyyyyy ??????

For everyone the motivations are different of course, but there are some similarities to consider. Like what we might ask ?? Well let's look at merely ONE thing… the chase….it is in camouflage below other driving forces….

Perhaps we identify ourselves by what we pick ??
We find comfort in obtaining a buffer against the world ??
Or maybe dip into immortality with those ageless whistles ??

Buried below is the excitement called the thrill of the kill when we track one down !!! The 'find of a life time' and it's dreaded counterpart — the dessimation of ego if we get duped into a dud !!!

Surprisingly there are a lot of antics involved in the chase and acquisition of a rare whistle. Ever really think about how you go about finding them ?? And what you do to get them ?? Buried even further below is anxiety

In a world where we want to be happy, do you ever wonder why we might risk living in such anxiety in the constant search for new game where at any time we can find ourselves precariously balanced between the two.????     …. I do…..

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