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Had a friend who started collecting fingernail clippers. He found that there were a lot of interesting and OLD unique designs, In fact a rather untouched area of collecting, which made them pretty cheap by most standards.

Enthusiastically he would send pictures and invite me to join in the hunt.
However thinking about it made me hesitate. Why you ask ?? —– muddy waters !!!

I could foresee what could happen…

First, there would be the fun and excitement of sharing what we found with each other. Of course there are so many that we would never bump heads at all at that time.

BUT as the hobby and depth of knowledge increased, up would pop up these compound and unusually shaped nail clippers- almost engineered approaches to cutting fingernails.

And there were very interesting and engaging types of metals, manufacturers and ornamentation !!

So it goes that various ways to obtain these nail clippers would become more difficult. One of the friends had a tremendous amount of money and bought voraciously, while the other who had less money, had to look in very obscure circles and dodge straight up confrontations.

Feelings became strained and the simple nail clipper had become a divisive wall now. No longer were they friends or did they share anything. Everything had taken second place to finding the rarest and most valuable nail clipper !!!

You see, I had seen it happen before with the simple and lowly whistle….

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