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yeah, prices are climbing again on whistles. However looking closely it isn't hard to see that only a handful of collectors can affect the whole whistle world !!!  They are spending TOP dollars for the best whistles around. Discouraging ??

Well, keep in mind that despite how it feeeeeels to see great whistles come and go, there are some really good whistles to be had by watching and ducking the common areas. One can be discriminating 🙂

Learn to see what others miss. We bought a very rare 6 piece escargot a couple weeks ago that was only 10 dollars USD. Turned out to be made by Ward. Perhaps the earliest of patents going back to 1890. Very heavy and with an unknown stamping !!! The point is ?? PATIENCE and stay out of the limelight. Out of courtesy, whether wise or not, we pulled off the bidding of a very rare two ended whistle well crafted and unknown, from the USA and it was won for 40 dollars. Now featured on the whistle museum.


They are still plenty of them , so keep your chins up, eyes focused. Be persistent and discerning.

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