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Cycling Whistles

–cycling whistles are on the docket today. Why isn’t more written on them ?? Well,  probably because not much is written on whistles at all !!! Just watched an Overman Wheel Company dual chamber whistle sell on auction for about 175.00 dollars US. — Hmph !!! Wasn’t even that good a shape !!! Dented…did I mention I hate dents ??? Well then, I will just have to list a perfect extra one I have and see what happens 🙂

There was a rather small window for cycling whistles in the course of history and thereby that makes them rather rare. Couple that with the fact that they were made light weight and it is hard to find them not all dented into steampunk hardware and there you have it…scarce as hens teeth to find one intact. Besides that what IS a cycling whistle per se ??? Seems to start with it should have something to do with cycling !!! ( der !! ) — on a stamping or a model number in an ad or catalog somewhere right ?? I mean sorta like police whistles ?? Yeah, you know how it goes. First you hear about cousin Emerus who worked for the police in ‘podunk outastate’ and carried this generic thunderer ( the name used for almost a century by whatever country wanted to stamp it on a whistle ) for  DECADES — so of course it is a GENUINE police whistle now right ?? — especially if it is for sale !!! Never mind the fact that it NEVER says anything about the police force he worked for OR even says police on the plain ole whistle at all.

Same with cycling ya think ?? Can’t just stick any ole whistle in your mouth and say ‘now I have a cycling whistle’ !!! Could do that with chewing gum for that matter.

Who made ’em ?? Overman made them of course, but also Hudson, De Courcy, F.L.Johnson, G&J made them, and of course there are siiiiiiirrrrreeeeeeens to consider…well they ARE a catagory and should be recognized and beyond that, think of all those cycling whistles going to those tough competitors of the cycling world ??? Whistle geeks — stand up for yourselves and snatch them back to where they belong. On the whistle boards and cabinets with the police whistles ….

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