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define or refine — collecting

In the past we have talked about refining our collecting in order to keep the collection down, curtail bills and keep things simpler for peace of mind.

However, if refined to much then it becomes very restrictive and perhaps no fun anymore.

What about expaaaaaaaansion ??

On the flip side, there is a lot to be said for variety !! Looking into different areas of whistles.

For example, one may be strictly militaria, BUT may like some police issues…

Then there are scouts, cycling, boatswains, round whistles and even more eclectic — corkscrews and extractors. All very interesting and leading into other areas like multichamber, beauforts, dog, flat whistles, and of course this leads into other areas…..

Now, what about rare makers ?? One may want to look into police issues and focus on Hudson, DeCourcy, Barrall, Dowler. All very interesting and leading into Yates, Ward, Stevens and this may lead into…

One may then wonder about different countries beyond the UK like USA, France, Germany, Russia. However this could lead to China, Israel, Argentina and yet lead to…

When one considers dates then another line of collecting developes, or perhaps models of the same design, or materials….

What is the point ?? There is multi layers of depth to this fantastic emerging area of collection, study and classification — we just need to define and redefine what we are looking for to keep it alive and fresh !!!

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